The duration of your reservation includes game time and preparations (training, armament, and post-game statistics).


Reservation duration: +30 min
Number of players: 4-16
Age: 8+

Price list 30-minute game
(1h reservation)
60-minute game
(1,5h reservation)
90-minute game
(2h reservation)
Tue-Thu 35 PLN per person 59 PLN per person 79 PLN per person
Fri-Sun 39 PLN per person 69 PLN per person 89 PLN per person


Reservation duration: +50 min
Number of players: 12-30
Age: 16+

Price list 60-minute game
(about 2h reservation)
90 min gry
(about 2,5h reservation)
Tue-Thu 69 PLN per person 89 PLN per person
Fri-Sun 79 PLN per person 99 PLN per person

If there are less than 12 people on site, the game will be held in the indoor arena (the same price only a longer game). For example, instead of a 60-minute outdoor game, there will be a 90-minute indoor game.


A booking fee is required
When booking the game an advance payment is necessary – it is not an additional fee for booking.
The fee is the price of 2 tickets.

Bank transfer information
Transfer title: Laser Tag + game date and time of booking
Example: Laser Tag game 28.6.18 15:00
Recipient: LASER TAG Olivier Śmigielski
ul. Stobnicka 53
60-480 Poznań
IBAN: PL89 1140 2004 0000 3202 7646 3989
mBank S.A. FORMERLY BRE BANK S.A. (RETAIL BANKING), Łódź Skrytka Pocztowa 2108, 90-959 Łódź 2

Booking cancellation
After the booking fee is paid you must cancel your reservation at least 72 hours before the specified booking time. Otherwise, the fee is not refunded.

PARTY CHAMBER – 120 PLN per hour.  Available year-round.


120 PLN per hour. Available during the summer.


We offer vouchers for Laser Tag!


The price of a mobile game is determined individually. Please contact us for more information.